Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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Major heritage sites

Cerkno, Zakriž, Zakojca, Ravne

Cerkno is a delight to discover with its cottage gardens, old houses and a fine Baroque church. Regional history is explored in the Museum with displays on local Partisan activity, valuable archaeological finds, and the colourful Carnival "Pust". Important people and events are recalled in commemorative plaques throughout the town, and a steep path to the Partisan memorial offers fine views of the town and the ancient earthworks on the opposite slope.

Villages to the northwest of Cerkno offer their own treasures. The church in Zakriž and its neighbouring farm date from the 18th century and a plaque on No. 5 denotes its use as a Partisan press. At the western edge of the village there is a fine example of a typical fruit-drying kiln, still in use today. The Church of St. Ulric in Ravne has an unusual exterior stair to the organ loft and the interior walls have traces of Baroque frescoed medallions. Continue north through a high valley to the hamlet of Zakojca for a visit to the France Bevk house. The former home of this famous writer is now a charming museum of early 20th century life and a record of Bevk's life and work.