Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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Partisan military hospital Franja

North-east of Cerkno, in a precipitous gorge of the Pasice stream, lies the Slovene Partisan Military Hospital Franja, witness to Slovene courage and determination during the Second World War. The cliffs, rushing waters and forest of this evocative place disguise the site as well today as they did during the hospital's years of activity. Founded by Dr. Viktor Volčjak, the first wounded soldiers were brought here at the end of 1943. Franja is named for the doctor who took over management of the hospital in January 1944, Dr. Franja Bojc-Bidovec. She worked there alone, with the help of a single trained nurse; the rest of the staff being former patients.


The successful defence under two direct attacks indicates the impregnable location of the hospital, which continued to grow according to the needs of its role. By the spring of 1945, the hospital had its own power plant, X-ray room, workshops and laundry, as well as many small wards and surgical facilities. Many hiding places and defence posts were accessible only by rope. The hospital was part of a network of posts in the mountainous terrain of the Cerkno region where almost 1,000 wounded soldiers received treatment during the war.