Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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Nova Štifta

The pilgrimage church of Nova Štifta overlooks the broad Ribnica valley and can be seen from far and wide. There was a small church here as early as the 15th century, but the present church, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, was built between 1641-71 in an unusual octagonal form. Behind the main church, a small detached chapel was built by the pastor in the 18th century as a sign of his devotion to St. Joseph. The interior of the main church is embellished by Baroque details and rich woodcarvings created by Gregorius Scarnos, and the Holy Steps were added to the church in 1780 with frescoes painted by Anton Postl. The Franciscan monastery of Nova Štifta was founded in 1914.

There is a scenic route from the nearby village of Sodražica to Loški Potok.