Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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Primož Trubar, Rašica

This lovely museum, in an idyllic site, is a fitting monument to the life and works of Primož Trubar. The mill in which the museum is housed was owned by Trubar's father, a miller and carpenter by trade. Born in 1508, Trubar studied in Vienna and Salzburg, and became a believer in the teachings of the Reformation. Translating works from Hebrew and Latin into Slovene, it is Trubar who published the first book in the Slovene language.


His introduction of the word "Slovene" led to a sense of national language and identity which has now justly earned him a place in Slovene history. The counter-Reformation led to Trubar being viewed as a heretic and he died in 1586 in Germany. Events of the late 20th century have played a part in his re-instatement, and Trubar is now recognised for the pivotal role he played in establishing a sense of Slovene national identity. A Literary Trail from Velike Lašče invites you on a leisurely circuit of the sites associated with Trubar, Stritar and Levstik, the latter two inheritors of the unique Slovene literary tradition which began with Trubar.