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P14.3 The Pilgrimage Trail

The Pilgrimage Trail (28km), otherwise of medium difficulty, running from Žalostna gora through Šentrupert and Vesela Gora to Zaplaz is a special way of renewing old pilgrim customs. The walking trail runs along the Pilgrimage Trail and connects the aspects of pilgrimaging with modern hiking. 

The trail starts at the chapel that is our entrance to Žalostna gora. We head towards the settlement of Preloge and through the main road of Mirna - Mokronog to the Church of St. Nicholas in the Martinja vas. We continue our path to the Church of St. Roch in Hrastovica. The trail leads us to Gorenje Jesenice, past the church of St. Canzian and through the Kremen forest to the village of Breg. We cross the Bistrica stream and ascend up the “Parish hill" to the cemetery with the Chapel of St. Cross. We continue past the Chapel of St. Rupert to the middle of the square with the Church of St. Rupert. We continue past the stations of the cross to the Church of St. Francis Xavier on Vesela Gora. We continue towards the village of Ravnik and onwards towards Apnenik. At Ostrež we turn towards the village of Zabukovje. At the sign we turn left onto the Zabukovlje - Mirna road. We descend to the valley, and afterwards ascend to the Church of St. Peter on Žunovec. After 10 minutes of walking, we come to the main road of Gabrovka - Mirna. We turn right onto the main road, and after 300m we turn left on the forest trail towards the village of Brglez. Outside the village, we go left along the cart track towards the forest and then bear right for 100m at the edge of the meadow into the forest. In the valley we cross the Kamnarica stream and continue along the forest trail to the hill. At the meadow, we go right along the cart track towards the settlement of Kumpolje. We turn left at the cart track towards Petelinjek before reaching the settlement. We turn right at the fish pond into the forest, and ascend to the crossroads with a sign. We continue 200m along the forest trail to the trail which splits off left into the valley at the spring. On the road towards Cirnik we go towards Čatež, and then onwards towards Zaplaz, to the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.


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