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P16.5 The Golobinjek to Frata and Globodol Trail

Mirna Peč - Gorenji Podboršt - Golobinjek (St. Ursula) - Grčvrh - Frata (Dom na Frati) - Globodol (Globodol Valley) - Ivanja vas - Mirna Peč

Trail length: 16.6km

Most suitable time to visit: the warm half of the year.

We begin our trail in Mirna Peč, turning towards Gorenje Podboršt behind the parish of St. Kancijani. Cross the Temenica River. Here there used to be a place to wash clothes. At the last farm in Gorenje Podboršt we turn left and going behind the hay drying rack, continue our path along the forest trail to Golobinjek (vineyard hills) to the renovated Church of St. Ursula. There we can take a look at the old church keeper’s house. There is a beautiful view from here of the Mirnopeške hills. From Golobinjek we descend to Grčvrh and continue the trail towards Frata (Dom na Frati – Municipality of Žužemberk). Here we can rest and get a bite to eat. At Frata we can also look at the historical monument to the National Fight for Freedom (NOB). Afterwards we return along the same path 1km back. At the junction for Globodol we turn left. We walk along a forest dirt road, which after a good 800m opens up towards Globodol. Before us we have the entire valley of Globodol in our palms (closed Karst valley of Pannonian settlement, on the hillside with Karst caves (Brajerje and Astina caves...). Through the valley of Globodol we return to Mirna Peč (Ivanja vas, Mirna Peč) to the starting point of our trail.

The trail is also suitable for mountain biking.

Additional information about the trail:

Lowest point: 174.9m

Highest point: 480.9m

Estimated hiking time: 6h

Mirna Peč - Gorenji Podboršt - Golobinjek (Sv. Uršula) - Grčvrh - Frata ( Dom na Frati) - Globodol (globodolska dolina) - Ivanja vas- Mirna Peč

Dolžina poti: 16,6 km

Najbolj primeren čas : topla polovica leta


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