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Last change: 25th Maj 2010
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What´s new?

You can select your active holiday and tourist offer by selecting hiking, cycling, horse riding or sculling or find an area of interest to you on your interactive map and magnify it and acquire more information by clicking onto the trail or the provider.

Tip: Hold down the “SHIFT” button and drag the mouse on the map to draw a rectangle. This will allow you to magnify the desired area.

Namig: Kliknite na zarisano pot ali pa ikono, ki predstavlja ponudbo na zemljevidu. S tem dobite dodatne informacije in povezavo do opisa ponudbe ali poti!

Tip: Click the trail drawn or the icon denoting the offer on the map. This will allow you to acquire additional information and a link to the description of the offer or trail.

Use of GPS records
Every trail also enables the transfer of the trail record and offer along the trail to your GPS device. The record is written in GPX format (international standard) to support all the tracking devices that support the transfer of track and waypoints to the device.

To transfer the track select the “File to be uploaded onto the GPS navigation devices for navigating” next to each described theme trail.

*To view leaflets you need a free Adobe Reader. To upload the file to your personal computer, press the right button of the link and select “Save target as ...” from the menu, if you use MS Internet Explorer or “Save Link As ...” if you use FireFox.

Tip: For viewing “Animations” of the cycling and horse riding trails, you can select the film quality. The selection of HQ (High Quality) is recommended.

To view 3D animation of the trail course you will need a free Adobe Flash Player.

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