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Last change: 25th Maj 2010
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Mobile portal
You can access the theme trails on your mobile telephone and view them on the map.

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Mobile portal

You can access the theme trails on your mobile telephone and view them on the map.

The content of the portal is also available at http://activeslovenia.mobi

The Mobile Portal comprises the same content as this portal; however, the view and the contents is adapted for the small mobile device screens. You can access the content with mobile phones with internet access. For a proper map display your mobile phone must also support Javascript execution. If you mobile phone does not support the latter, you can install a free Internet Viewer on your mobile phone, the OperaMini – http://operamini.com

You can view the appearance of the Mobile Portal with a mobile device simulation here!

GPS use

If your mobile phone has a built-in GPS or A-GPS receiver, you can install the “GPSLocation” application, which enables you to acquire information regarding the offer in the close proximity of your location and at the same time get to know the South-East Slovenia Region while on the go. The application will show your location and the offer in the close proximity on your screen.

To use the “GPS Location” application you will need a mobile device with a built-in GPS or A-GPS module and Java and Java Location API (JSR-179) package support.

You can download the application here.

After the installation proceed with launching the application. The application will automatically try to search for a GPS signal and show your location in a default browser. By selecting “Retry”, the application will again search for the GPS signal and show your location. By selecting “Exit” you will close the application.

An example of an application used on Nokia 6220 Classic:

The application installs into Applications --> My own --> GPSLocation. Run the application here. After launching the application, a question appears: “Security warning: Allow application GPSLocation to use Positioning data?” After selecting “Yes”, the coordinates appear. Reply with “Yes” to the “Security warning: Allow the application GPSLocation to use the network and send or receive data?” – if you press “Yes”, it means that you agree with establishing an internet connection with your mobile phone and downloading data from http://activeslovenia.mobi. An internet browser will open and show your location on the map and the offer in the close proximity.

WARNING: Data transfer will be charged according to the price list under the agreement concluded with your mobile provider.

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