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The 12 cycling trails measuring a total length of 540km will take you through the long hidden world of

Loški potok, ascending through the extensive forests of Kočevski Rog to the Mirna gora mountain, where you can wet your feet in the thermal springs, enjoy the panorama of Čatež, regain your energy along the energy points of the Kolpa River and turn south along the Baraga trail to the Krka river.


The countryside is ideal for hiking, cycling and enjoying the panorama.


The trails offer the following among other things:

  • enjoyable visits to farms, walks through the forests and villages,
  • The Planina–Mirna gora forest educational trail,
  • The Rožek natural science forest educational trail in Podturen,
  • a variety of peaceful roads and forest trails for safe cycling,
  • bicycle rentals at the health resorts,
  • well-marked scenic trails throughout the majority of the region,
  • car rental in Ljubljana at the airport and in Novo mesto,
  • good local and regional maps.

The trails are classified into 4 categories:

 a level trail up to 30km in length without steep gradients,

  a level trail for a length of 30–50km with shorter slopes or one longer slope,

   a trail 50–70km in length with one or two longer slopes,

    a trail 70km in length with a number of longer slopes.

Riding on these trails is at your own risk!

Riding on these trails is at your own risk!


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